Maine Magic MushroomDispensary

Charjoshrooms is a community Of healers using Psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms, MDMA molly, DMT and LSD therapy to treat mental health disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression. We have mostly online engagements until members are able to attend physical sessions to facilitating tactile exploration and trip settings. Here, we encourage all members who want to bring their work and interests to the forefront so that all can be involved in engaging with each others’ experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut, working to integrate revelations from a profound experience, or just a little curious, we offer a space of knowledge, support, education and play. Expand your mind, open your heart and transform your life at events that are designed for deep connection – to yourself & others, the natural world, and the mystery of existence.

The Psychedelic Renaissance is here

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