Buy Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit Online

Buy Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit Online

Buy Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit Online , Depending on your needs, you can harvest your kit early when the mushrooms resemble antlers and are only a few inches tall. Or, you can allow the mushrooms several more months in the bag to form more interesting growth patterns.

You can also try for mature mushroom caps, which requires more supervision as well as opening the bag (which is described in the directions section below). This is a more challenging method, but can be very rewarding for those who have some prior experience with reishi kits.

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INSTRUCTIONS: NOTE – these guys need some different things than some other varieties. Make sure to read the instructions below or on our Instructions page.

  • Here’s the one simple thing for Reishi Mushroom Grow Kits: do NOT open it.
  • Keep the temperature at about 70F. No direct light, just indirect light.
  • Reishi are essentially low maintenance hermits, but man they take awhile to grow – like a couple to a few months!
  • Harvest when they look like the awesome photo above. They’re tough guys so use a serious knife.
  • Reishi are medicinal and great for tea, boil ’em, and give their incredible properties a try. Buy Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit Online

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