Buy Morel Mushooms New York

Buy Morel Mushooms New York


Buy Morel Mushooms New York ,

Its uniquely delicious flavor is preserved and enhanced when the morel is dried whole immediately after harvest.

Easily rehydrated, morels add a new dimension to cream sauces, stews and omelets. They are also excellent as a sautéed side dish or as a steak topper.

Morel mushrooms, also known as Morchella mushrooms, sponge mushrooms, or pinecone mushrooms, are a rare culinary jewel. The Morel mushroom is one of the most sought-after and prized gourmet mushrooms in the world.

To use morels when dried, simply rehydrated and repeat steps as described.

You can buy wild mushrooms online to enjoy throughout the year in broths, and braises. They are also decadent when sautéed, fried, stuffed, or baked. 

Try this Vanilla Scented Morel Mushroom Mole, for a unique recipe that will impress a crowd.

What makes our dried morel mushrooms so spectacular?

These whole, dried morel mushrooms are easily reconstituted and spring back to their original form in just 15-30 minutes.

Dehydrated morels make it possible for you to enjoy this culinary delight year-round.

It takes roughly seven pounds of fresh morels to make one pound of dried mushrooms so use appropriately. 

About our dried morel mushrooms

  • These dried morel mushrooms are available in bulk. Contact us to purchase larger quantities than listed. 
  • stems are 2 cm in length and caps are 3-6 cm. There will be variation in overall size since these are a wild product 

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