MasterMind – Funghi Milk Chocolate (1500mg)

Buy MasterMind – Funghi Milk Chocolate (1500mg) New York

Buy MasterMind – Funghi Milk Chocolate (1500mg) New York


Buy MasterMind – Funghi Milk Chocolate (1500mg) New York, Combine milk chocolate with magic mushrooms and what do you get? Mastermind Funghi Milk Chocolate bar  with 1,500 mg.

of psilocybin extract. These chocolate bars are incredibly delicious, tasting just like your favorite candy bar from your childhood.

Despite being packed with magic mushrooms, Mastermind Funghi Milk Chocolate bar (1500mg) sure doesn’t taste like it.

The masters behind Mastermind have perfected the art of making infused edibles. All of their milk chocolate bars contain typical ingredients and nothing artificial or unnatural. Simply put, these are candy bars you can trust. 

Each one of Mastermind Funghi Milk Chocolate bars contains 1500mg. of psilocybin total. Of course, you’re welcome to eat the whole bar if you’re hoping for a potent, powerful trip.

Eating the whole bar is only recommended for the most experienced consumers, otherwise, your trip will likely turn uncomfortable.

On top of eating hefty doses of their chocolate bars, you can also choose to microdose your mushrooms.

Microdosing refers to the act of eating only small doses of magic mushrooms consistently. While most trips include high doses all at once, microdosing stretches out effects, making them more mild and more consistent.

Every person experiences different effects, but microdosing typically enhances positivity, sharpens focus, and alleviates anxiety on a more general basis. 

For microdosing, Mastermind suggests taking just one or two doses at the start to see how it feels. You must wait between 30 and 60 minutes before effects start to kick in.

If this low of a dose doesn’t feel like enough, you can always eat more. If it feels like too much, you can break down the squares even smaller. It’s up to you!

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