Order Fresh Matsutake #2,3 West Virginia

Order Fresh Matsutake #2 3 West Virginia


Order Fresh Matsutake #2 3 West Virginia , Matsutake Mushrooms have enjoyed esteem in Japan for over one thousand years, consumed only by members of the Imperial Court as recently as the seventeenth century. Order Fresh Matsutake #2 3 West Virginia

This selection is sustainably foraged by our partners in the Pacific Northwestern United States, and delivered fresh.

As with all wild mushrooms, we advise enjoying yours within three days of receipt, and avoiding water when tidying them up – ideally with a paring knife, mushroom brush, or tea towel.

Care Notes:

  • As a rule, clean the wild mushrooms as you need them, ideally without water.
  • If the wild mushrooms you receive are a little damp, allow them to air dry in the refrigerator.

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