Huaulta Magic Mushroom

Huaulta Magic Mushroom for sale Online

Huaulta Magic Mushroom for sale Online


Huaulta Magic Mushroom for sale Online , The Huautla strain of psilocybin mushroom spores are fully authentic— and that’s a pretty big deal, because this particular strain of magic mushrooms played a huge role in the history of psychedelics in the United States. Click to order!

It also has a uniquely shaped cap which tends to be a little pointy.

This strain has become known as a fast fruiter, creating smaller fruits but large in quantity.

The experience of taking Huautla is very spiritual and eye-opening. Given its historic roots, expect shamanic experiences out of this world. The potency is average to slightly above average but your experience will depend on your set and setting ultimately. If you want to explore within your mind and experience profound change, this strain will do its job.

The Huautla Strain

This spore strain is from the region visited by the famous ethnomycologist R. Gordon Wasson, known for his famous article in Life magazine that ultimately introduced the western world to psychoactive fungi.

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