Penis envy Mushroom chocolate Bar – 6g

Buy Penis envy Mushroom chocolate Bar – 6g Pennsylvania


Buy Penis envy Mushroom chocolate Bar – 6g Pennsylvania, the mutated penis of these mushrooms is like appearance. Click To Order

Usually, they are thick, gnarled champignons with a bulbous cap which at least with real genetics only often separates from the stem.

We have seen lots of fables and tales about the roots of this particular strain, but it seems to us that nobody understands it. You can see pictures of what people call penis envy as you look around.


  • It is stated that Albino penis envy is sometimes much higher than the Penis Envy mushroom.
  • Its coloration indicates its promise, as these mushrooms are strongly blue, suggesting a higher content of psilocybin.
  • The symptoms of Albino Penis Envy include vibrant visual excitement, extreme euphoria sensations, uncontrollable laughter, and joy, as well as profound intellectual and introspective times.


  • The typical old way of eating golden teachers is to chew and swallow them very well.
  • The better you chew them, the faster the stomach can break down, and the quicker the symptoms start.
  • Don’t wait to drink your favorite drink towels.
  • Mix your favorite fruit and vegetables in a mixer to block the flavor of the shrooms.
  • Add a quick dose of magic mushrooms to your favorite smoothie for a more kick and take a day.
  • The corpse eats entire magic mushrooms faster than the user, resulting in a more rapid reaction.

Where to Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushroom?

Penis Envy Cubensis has a greater psychoactive potential than other champignons. Therefore the situations and periods under which you use this fungus should be carefully picked.

It would most likely shift your mind, induce hallucinations, and produce time-changing experiences in greater quantities by buying Penis Envy Magic Mushroom online from our website

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