Brainstorm Boom Bar – 1 x 3500mg Psilocybin

Buy Brainstorm Boom Bar Pennsylvania


Buy Brainstorm Boom Bar Pennsylvania, Brainstorm brings you one of the best artisanal, premium infused cubensis edibles, Boom Bar (1x3500mg Psilocybin). Click To Order

It’s one of the best-tasting magic shroom edibles on the market, and it contains natural flavours that you love.

Further, the Magic Boom Bar will boost your energy levels, creativity and productivity like never before.

Consequently, crafted with the utmost care, these bars can help you manage stress, depression or even anxiety.

Magic mushrooms are ideal for those struggling with the lack of sleep due to their robust and relaxing high.

Additionally, these delicious bars will boost your cognition by aiding in neural connections formation. However, it’s advisable to micro-dose to avoid unfavourable reactions.

Brainstorm – Boom Bar: Fragrance and Flavour

One of the best-tasting edibles Brainstorm- Boom Bar contains Belgium Chocolate Callebaut, to offer you a flavour that you can’t find anywhere else. Though the bar is full of psilocybin Cubensis, it undisputedly does not taste like it. 

Brainstorm – Boom Bar: Appearance

It comes in a pack for your convenience. Each bar contains 3500mg of high-quality magic mushrooms. Besides, the psilocybin shrooms can easily be broken down into six smaller units of 580mg per square. Nonetheless, it’s essential to store these bars in a cool and dry place, away from minors.

Brainstorm – Boom Bar: Ingredients

Brainstorms create their magic bars using only Canada’s top ingredients with care.

It’s a brand that understands the importance of cubensis in your life to bring you formulas you genuinely love and trust.

Further, Brainstorm- Boom Bar contains 3500mg dried psilocybin cubensis, milk chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, dextrose, and natural vanilla.


Upon consuming this Brainstorm- Boom Bar, you will experience boosts in alertness, energy, creativity and productivity.

It’s a bar that gives a relaxing and mood uplifting high that helps you complete your tasks before falling into a deep sleep.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to start with a half-square and waits half an hour before eating more to see how the edible works its magic.


Are you seeking an insanely delicious trip? Well, try Brainstorm- Boom Bar and see the magic.

It’s a chocolate bar full of psilocybin cubensis that is here to wash away your stress while keeping you active, productive and creative with your projects.

Further, it has a body and mind relaxing euphoria that you asked for.

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