Dried Girolles Mushroom

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Buy Dried Girolles Mushroom Tennessee, also known as chanterelle or golden chanterelles are shaped like trumpets with frilly caps. They range from gold to yellow-orange in colour; some taste like apricots, while others are more earthy. Click To Order

A distinct feature of Girolle is that unlike other wild mushrooms, it does not crumble or disintegrate easily and takes longer to cook.

Even when tossed, sautéed or stirred, the vegetable continues to hold its shape quite decently. When it comes to cooking elaborate dishes, chefs prefer Girolles over most other varieties of wild mushrooms.

The mushrooms are cooked in various ways and used in many recipes from soufflés and sauces to soups, salads and pickles.

These are often sautéed in butter for added flavour. When cooked right, the fungus develops a complex, rich flavour that adds taste to almost every preparation.

Girolle mushrooms are ideal for drying and retain their aroma, taste and consistency.

Cooking tip: Place your dried Girolle mushrooms into Hot Water and leave to soak for at least 30 minutes to both hydrate them and to create a highly flavourful Mushroom stock. Strain the liquor in a colander lined with kitchen paper.

This will remove any grit and serve a fantastic stock for soups and sauces. Place the hydrated Mushrooms into a bowl of cold water and agitate them to remove any further grit.

Repeat this process a few times until you are happy they are clean. Dry on a paper towel and use as fresh.

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