Tri-colour Ecuadorian Magic Mushroom – Premium

Buy Tri-colour Ecuadorian Mexico


Buy Tri-colour Ecuadorian Mexico, was first discovered in the highlands of Ecuador, above sea level at altitudes of over 1,100 meters. Three times the color, three times the trip. Click To Order

The trip you’ll experience from this cubensis strain is unlike any other, with an incredibly fast peak, little-to-no body high, and an introspective journey of self-discovery. 

How the Magic Works:
  • Near-instant Peak – Unlike more common strains of magic mushrooms, intense visuals kick in only moments after the initial dose. 
  • No Body High – Tri-Color Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms are one of the few strains that produce a spiritual trip without the body high commonly associated with this level of potency.
  • Introspective High – Go on a journey of self-discovery and new perspectives. The distinctly spiritual and enlightening mushrooms will have you feeling reborn after every trip. 
  • Clean Trip – You won’t have to worry about any headaches, mood swings, or crashes.

Trip Level Indicator:

  • Micro dosing on alternating days results in improved creativity and thought flow. 
  • You can expect up to 5 hours of intense visuals, thought loops, and existential ideas. 
  • Level 4: For experienced psychonauts to truly embark on a mental and spiritual journey, a dosage of 3-5g will have you questioning the building blocks of society, tasting sounds, and hearing colors. 
  • While not recommended, these types of dosages are almost certain to result in ego-death and existential crisis. 

Do you believe in ‘Magic’? Discover a side of yourself you never knew existed and learn all the secrets of the world in just a few hours. 

Pack your bags, you won’t want to miss this trip!

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