Pied Bleu Mushrooms, Fresh

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Buy Pied Bleu Mushrooms USA , It is the blue stem that gives this mushroom the name Pied Bleu, meaning Blue Foot.

They can measure up to 100mm in diameter with stems as long as 80-90mm. Pied Bleu have a strong fragrance and a distinctive flavour.

Pied Bleu go particularly well with strongly flavoured vegetables such as onions and leeks. Also called Blewit mushrooms, these are classic mushroom with a deliciously rich flavour.

A real treat for mushroom lovers. delicious simply fried in butter and served with rustic bread.

Mushrooms have zero fat and more protein than any vegetable except soybeans.

The blue-hued stem of this delicious mushroom is what gives the Pied Bleu its name: blue foot. Click to order

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