Reishi mushroom extract

Buy Reishi mushroom extract Oregon

Buy Reishi mushroom extract Oregon


Buy Reishi mushroom extract Oregon , it is extremely rare and almost impossible to find in this manner. In the early 1970s, Japanese researchers discovered a method for cultivating Reishi on a mass scale.

There are no known harmful side-effects of consuming reishi on a daily basis. Click to order

Suggested dose is 1/2 – 1 tsp a day. Add to milks, smoothies, pates, salad dressings or chocolate.

It is particularly good in chocolate, where the earthy mushroom tones complement the deep dark flavour of the chocolate.

Harmonize your longevity, energy and spirit with this superior immunity tonic.

Natural adaptogen to help balance mental and physical stress. Nourish your heart and soothe an overactive immune system. Enlighten and relax, find your Savasana.

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