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Buy Morel Mushrooms Fresh Michigan, Our intrepid pickers climb mountains around the Pacific Northwest for these delicious treats and we flash freeze them daily to lock in their wonderful flavor and antioxidant properties. 

This freezing process makes the morels much closer to the fresh morel state. Wild morels have a wonderful earthy flavor making them on of the most sought after mushrooms of all.

Wild morel mushrooms are a prized favorite of top chefs throughout America and the world. We have blonde morels, grey morels, natural morels and conica morels all available depending on the time of the season. Our fresh frozen morel mushrooms are easy to use and delicious.

We love them sauteed with fresh asparagus, garlic, white wine and soy sauce. All our morels are top grade and we guarantee them to arrive in good condition. Try our delicious frozen wild morel mushrooms today.

Health Benefits:

  • Morel mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins, protein, copper, potassium, zinc and selenium. All essential minerals to a healthy diet.
  • Dietary fiber helps stimulate digestion, relieving constipation problems.
  • The B vitamins found abundantly in wild mushrooms help the immune system, support nerve and heart health and help break down blood sugars in the body amongst other things.

Preparing your wild morels for cooking:

  1. Take as many of your frozen morels as you are going to use for your meal and place them in boiling salt water.
  2. Cook like you would fresh morels (You can squeeze out excess water first if you wish)
  3. Enjoy!

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